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Columbus Makes Art

“I grew up in the Chicago area and Florida before moving to Columbus 30 years ago. I have always been an artist, even if I strayed from that path a few times, I always found my way back. My favorite things to create are large-scale murals, both permanent and temporary. Transforming a blank wall into a work of art out in the elements is truly enjoyable and cathartic to me. I paint and chalk mainly portraits, and I’ve been known to feature musicians in my work. I love the connection between music and art and the collaborative nature of featuring local musicians. I spend a lot of time outdoors from spring to fall creating chalk murals for festivals and events and sometimes just in my driveway for my family and neighbors, which I also livestream. Chalk art is like performance art and I love that aspect of it. There is a magical interaction and connection between the viewer and maker that’s so in the moment. People always ask ‘Aren’t you sad when it rains?’ Honestly, I’m not. There’s something inherently beautiful about temporary art, as nothing in life is permanent and you have to enjoy everything in the present.”

—Hilary Frambes, painter/muralist


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Rep. Joyce Beatty

Congresswoman Joyce Beatty stopped by the mural in her honor, which is located across the street from the Ohio Statehouse.

The mural, on a piece of plywood, was painted by Hilary Frambes. It includes the words ‘We will not be silenced – We will not be ignored – We will persevere #JUSTICEFORALL.’

“I was so humbled and it was such an honor, so today I came to stand with Hilary who is the incredible artist that did this,” Beatty said in an exclusive interview with NBC4.


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Plain City Chalk Fest

There are art festivals, and then there are chalk art festivals.

“One of the things that is truly unique about a chalk art festival is that you get to see people making art,” said Hilary Frambes. “You get to see the process and talk to and interact with the artists.”

More: HERE

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PC Chalk Fest

“I chose chalk art due to its interactive nature,” Frambes said. “When we are out there on the streets, we are doing art in real time. People stop when they are walking by. They ask us about our technique, our creations and if we are sad that our art is not permanent.” More HERE

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Amy Acton Chalk Art

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WYSX/WTTE) — An artist in Plain City has created a sidewalk chalk tribute to the Ohio Department of Health Director, Dr. Amy Acton. More HERE

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NYT Mention

The coronavirus has turned several public health officials and local leaders into bona fide celebrities, and perhaps no one is more compelling than the Ohio Health Department’s Dr. Amy Acton. She wasn’t just the brains behind the state’s early, aggressive coronavirus response; she was also its most effective messenger. In the video above, we deconstructed Dr. Acton’s daily briefings to find out why this previously unknown public health official now has her own Facebook fan club, T-shirts, chalk drawings and ’70s sitcom parodies. Link HERE

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Columbus Arts Fest "in Place" 2020

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Columbus Arts Festival is still on, but this year it's going virtual and will still have all your favorite artist, performances and even a challenge the whole family would enjoy.

More: HERE

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Wonder Woman

MARYSVILLE, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) — A Plain City artist spends her entire day creating something that will be washed away within hours.

Hilary Frambes is a professional chalk artist.


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